Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

This is a list of awards and merit-based fellowships I have received. They amount to a total of 13 awards/prizes and 4 fellowships.

  1. 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in Science.
    Forbes — December 2020
  2. Del Favero Doctoral Thesis Prize for the most innovative advance in the field
    MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering — December 2019
  3. Young Engineer early career achievement award (Premio al Joven Ingeniero)
    Alumni Association ETSII UPM — June 2018
  4. Manson Benedict Award for excellence in academic performance and professional promise
    MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering — May 2018
  5. International Science and Technology Initiatives scholarship
    MIT MISTI program — May 2018
    Summer stay at the Max Planck Institute, Germany
  6. Award for the Top Student in Industrial Engineering (Primero de Promoción Ingeniería Industrial), 1st out of ~400 students
    ETSII UPM — December 2015
  7. Award for the Top Student in Energy Engineering (Primero de Promoción de Especialidad), 1st out of ~50 students
    ETSII UPM — December 2015
  8. Cátedra Repsol Award for the best master’s thesis project
    ETSII UPM — December 2015
  9. Caja Ingenieros Award for excellent academic progress (Premio Caja Ingenieros al Rendimiento Académico)
    Caja Ingenieros UPM — December 2015
  10. La Caixa Fellowship for graduate studies in North America
    Banking Foundation la Caixa — July 2014
  11. Excellence in Performance Award for outstanding academic achievements as a graduate student
    Drexel University — June 2014
  12. ERASMUS Scholarship for graduate studies
    European Union and Government of Spain — April 2014
  13. Enrique Rodríguez-Marín Award for Excellent Academic Progress (Premio Enrique Rodríguez Marín a la Excelencia Académica)
    Romanillos Foundation — March 2014
  14. Award for Excellent Academic Progress (Beca de Excelencia)
    Government of Madrid — January 2014 and January 2011
  15. Atlantis-EAGLES Fellowship for Graduate Studies
    FIPSE U.S. and European Union — April 2013
  16. High-Performing Student Award (Premio al rendimiento académico de alumnos de nuevo ingreso en primer curso de la titulación de Ingeniería Industrial)
    ETSII UPM — December 2011
  17. Award for the Best Results in the University Entrance Test (Reconocimiento a las 100 Mejores Notas en Selectividad)
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid — March 2010
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